A design agency with a clear objective: to unlock your product’s true potential.


To assist your creative exploration, source suppliers and ultimately produce your idea.

We work in three main areas than often overlap each other:

Product design and engineering
The critical thinking of our multidisciplinary team allows us to conceive, design and assist on the production of unique products. Designs that evoke an emotional reaction and that facilitate the user’s daily life. We offer real product design. Real because we make it feasible too.

Consultancy in design
Estudiferrer was founded in 1999. The accumulated design experience over the last 16 years provides us with tools to direct, assist and complete any product creation process and any company image evolution. We like to grow with our clients by assisting them in finding the best design team, the best suppliers, the most logical production methods and allocating the time and resources for it.

Graphic design
is all about image. First impressions last and in todays competitive market, there are no second chances. Together we will analyze your current or intended corporate image, from your logo to your email signature. A successful CiD needs to be cohesive and coherent. From the creation of your logo to the design of your business cards and catalogue, we formulate your complete look.

is as important as its contents.  The role of packaging is broadening and may include functions that aim to attract attention, assist in promotion, provide machine identification (barcodes, etc.), impart essential or additional information, or assist in utilization. We help you to visualize your packaging concepts and ideas from finding the right material to deciding on whether or not it has double function – an after life.

Website design
is a much needed requirement and together we will analyze your market, assess the competition and ultimately design a competitive website that is truthful, instilling a sense of security and ease of use. A good design needs to be neat and the important information absorbed within seconds.

Media design
prepares your product and company with an effective presence via social media and advertising platforms. If its your newsletter or your weekly blog, the website header or just your catalogue, we create a cohesive image that you can broadcast and manage with confidence.

Our method

A product design project takes more stages and steps than graphic or media design ones. Herewith the process in detail.

The brainstorm coffee
Collaboration is strongly encouraged through brainstorming sessions where we deconstruct preconceived ideologies, initiate new ideas, and provoke innovation.

It’s where we extrapolate and redefine the brief. These sessions are where we get to know you better, we learn from your experiences, we analyze the pros and cons of your product, the strong traits as well as the weak ones.

Design conception
In order to be innovative, we need to research, marketing and creative problem solving sessions with the client where we deliberate new ideas and possible solutions.

Design development
At this stage we basically size up the project, digitize the internal components: pcb’s, electronic parts, connectors, LED’s, display screens, etc. We plan 3d reviews and we define the product’s functions and characteristics.

The Supplier Hunt
The search for the right supplier can be a tedious process. Whether it’s the specialist in plastic injection moulds, the electronic engineer or the APP designer, we can assist in finding you the right project procurement team to bring your vision to life, either from our existing database or specific to your needs.

Feet on the ground. Completion.
The engineering process starts when we prepare the design for its future production. We ensure the moulded parts have the correct degrees, tolerances, material strength, durability, life cycle and the correct ecological impact. Prepared IGES files or STEP files for suppliers are necessary in order to observe, examine and successfully produce.

We like to provide the first mock up by 3D printing our designs. In this way you are able to touch and engage with your future product. It is a safe and cost effective means of ensuring a positive outcome in shape as well as the chance to rectify possible assembly problems or construction issues without incurring excessive costs for improvements.

The manufacturing stage is crucial. We will be there to control the first injection shots, the first paint finish and even the first logo silk screening. To ensure that the manufacturer gets it ‘right’, we like to be included in the production process from the beginning.


Our creative space is located in district 22@ – the innovation zone of barcelona.

But our work is where your company and project needs to be: because we will mix with you, we will fuse our experience with yours.