Award-winning design, premium products and a touch of Hollywood in Essen: That was the Red Dot Gala 2016.

Firstly, its not easy. It takes good communication between a great team of engineers and designers to turn an idea into a functional reality and in our case, within a limited time period. The design not only needed exhibit aesthetic beauty but it had to be technology advanced, to evoke a sense of ease, sophistication and simplicity.

The product:

The V-Compact is a high-performance rotational viscometer that measures the flow resistance of fluids. In contrast to conventional models, the device has a digital interface and is controlled wirelessly via an app. This newly developed software provides full functionality and control over the entire instrument; all input settings, functions and parameters can be accessed on mobile devices like smartphones or tablet.

The Red Dot Gala:

Manufacturers and designers entered a record number of around 5,200 innovations in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. The jury was also bigger than before, with 41 experts coming together in the Ruhr area to assess each and every object live and on site over a period of several days. We happy to be part of the winners in this category, life science and medicine.


Statement by the jury

»Thanks to cordless functionality, it was possible to imbue the V-Compact with a fluent, minimalist design. The circumferential frame completes its unified appearance. «

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