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  1. Conform lamp

    Product design | LED desk lamp | UTLT+, Hong Kong | 2010 Conform lamp is a desk lamp with a great movement freedom. It has…

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  2. Strongbow

    Product design | Draught column | Strongbow | 2016 The draught column represents the core values of the brand: the mix of the urban and…

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  3. Fitness products

    Product design & packaging | Fitness products | AEROLIFE, Japan | 2009-2014 Design of compact, stylish and functional fitness products for the Japanese market.

  4. Furniture brand

    Furniture design | Reatil | Estudiferrer own brand | 2016 Coloured is a new furniture brand produced in Barcelona, a brand open to include other…

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  5. Baby tous

    Product design | Baby perfume | ADM, Barcelona | 2008 The challenge was to design a baby Tous bottle playing with the bear logo, the…

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  6. Contrage

    Product design | Collagen wrinkle reduction laser | INTERMEDIC, Barcelona | 2007 Contrage is a laser to perform medical treatments such as wrinkle reduction. Produced…

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  7. Bacardi

    Packaging | Premium Packaging | On&On | 2016 When the final client would get “The Code packaging” would have to guess the code. The difficult…

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  8. Barbie – Ben10 tatto center

    Product design | Tattoo center | INTERMEDIC, Barcelona | 2007 Either in a handbag shape for the Barbie edition or in a boyish style for…

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  9. Porto

    Product design | Airport bench | FERFOR | 2007 Porto is an aluminum airport bench with elegant and reinforced lines. It is easy to clean,…

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  10. Promotional gifts

    Product design | Promotional gifts | ADM promotions | 2003-2016 Promotional items and premium gifts for all types of companies and sectors like cosmetics, alcohol,…

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