Background MIRAMAR ROOMS offers relaxation and unwinding: an exclusive experience for travellers wanting to enjoy the magic of Empordà with all 5 senses: the smell of sea salt, rippling water, the hues of a sunset… and all the flavours of the local landscape. Each of the 5 suites have been nicknamed from the various seaweed often used in salads: Posidonia, Laminaria, Gracilaria, Aonori and Wakame. This influence is reflected in the complimentary amenities Algother as well.

The Brief

The evolution of Miramar, from a family run ‘chiringuito’ to a chic boutique hotel offering hand squeezed natural orange juice and ecological food from a five star Michelin chef. With this in mind, we had to create the corporate image of the hotel and its products (pillowcases, laundry bag, gowns, custom bottled water etc)


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